Festival  Details

We have announced a change in location for Thé Extravaganza Music Festival 2022!
Find all the information below.
Feel free to contact us if you have any other questions!

Map of Festival Grounds

New Location at Lily Lake Resort!

Draft Map Below: Event Hall Map Coming Soon!

What to Expect

Entry Requirements

There are two entrances into the festival grounds:

Extravagant Entrance (South) for vehicles who have opted for either:

  • Extravagant Camping Upgrades
  • RV Trailer Pass
  • Extravagant Suites Packages

General Entrance (North) for everyone who has a 3-Day General Pass or 3-Day VIP Pass.

On entry, everyone must pass through a security check. They will be searching for contraband, outside alcohol, illegal and illicit material, weapons, and anything else that may be harmful to yourself or others.

All Ticket Holders must provide proof of purchase, the email confirmation must be shown and verified on entry.
If you have purchased a ticket for someone else, they must be in the vehicle with you.
All Ticket Holders must provide valid proof of age at the security check stop.

Gates open at 9am everyday.
Gates close at 11pm everyday.

Event Passes

Thursday Early Entry - Purchase Here

Thursday Early Entry Ticket Holders can arrive anytime after gates open at 9am on Thursday, July 14!
Music Starts at 2pm.

All Early Entry Ticket Holders must have a 3 Day General Pass or 3-Day VIP Pass, which provides access to the event!
These Passes are for Entry and Camping in the General Camping Area.
To Upgrade your party's camping site, purchase the Extravagant Camping Pass which is good for one vehicle!

3-Day General Pass - Purchase Here

3-Day Passes are required for each person arriving to the festival!
3-Day General Passes are the basic passes providing entry and camping.
Friday, Saturday, Sunday Festivities!
General Camping details can be found below.

3-Day VIP Passes are available and provide extra perks for festival attendees.
Consider adding the Thursday Entry Ticket and Extravagant Camping Upgrade for the Full Extravagant Experience!

3-Day VIP Pass - Purchase Here

3-Day VIP Pass for 1 Person with General Camping.
Friday, Saturday, Sunday Festivities!

VIP Passes get:

  • Free Showers All Weekend
  • VIP Floor Access, with
  • VIP Bar
  • VIP Lounge Areas, and
  • VIP Verandas on 2nd Floor of the Event Hall!

Gates open at 9am. Entry is through the General Entrance unless your vehicle has an Extravagant Camping Upgrade!
Consider adding the Thursday Entry Ticket and Extravagant Camping Upgrade for the Full Extravagant Experience!


General Camping

General Camping is provided with your 3-Day General & 3-Day VIP Passes, and provides you with a tent site and parking.
You will be ushered by our staff to the best camping spot available!
There is no holding of spots so we recommend you arrive at the same time as your friends and car pool whenever possible!
The Camp sites are 20' x 40' with 2 parking stalls. If you don't have 2 vehicles in your party, campsites may be consolidated, so be prepared to meet your neighbors!
Get comfy and enjoy the weekend!

Extravagant Camping Upgrade

Extravagant Camping Passes are available for All 3-Day Pass Holders.
The Extravagant Camping provides 1 vehicle with a tent site and parking.
The Camp sites are 15' x 40' with 1 parking stall.
Everyone in the vehicle is required to have a 3-Day Pass (General or VIP)!

The Extravagant Camping is in close proximity to:

  • Shower Trailer
  • Festival Grounds
  • Event Hall
  • Dinning Hall
  • All the Festivities and Music!

Entry through the Extravagant Entrance!
Get comfy and enjoy the weekend!

RV & Trailer Parking Pass - Purchase Here

This add-on pass is required for any RV longer than 20', or anyone with a trailer.
RV Trailer Sites are very limited!
One Pass per RV/Trailer Entry.
3-Day General or VIP Passes are required by everyone entering the festival!
For Entry on Thursday, Everyone Must Have a Thursday Entry Pass.

Entry through the Extravagant Entrance!

Due to Space Limitations, Tents are Not Permitted in your RV site.

Extravagant Suites

Extravagant Suite Packages are available as 2 Person & 4 Person Packages!

These Packages are incredible value, with 4-Day VIP Passes included for the entire party!
They also include:

  • Suites with 1 Queen Bed & 1 Queen Pullout
  • Thursday, Friday, Saturday, & Sunday Night
  • Access to Extravagant Suites Area

Entry through the Extravagant Entrance!
Get comfy and enjoy the weekend!

Camp Site Examples

More Details

Games and Fun!

We have a TON of incredibly exciting stuff planned for this year including:

  • Foam Cannons blowing all weekend long!
  • Slip-n-Slide that is sure to cool you off on the hot summer days!
  • Giant Pong!
  • Giant Jenga!
  • Cornhole Competitions!
  • Chill Areas!
  • Non Stop Sick Vibes!

Food and Vendors!

Select Food Trucks will be setup in the General Camping area for the weekend with a variety of delicious food and drinks for you to enjoy!

Product Vendors will be posted up in Outside the Event Hall!

Amenities & Facilities

We have a beautiful private 10 stall shower trailer rented for your convenience.
The trailer is split in half, 5 women's stalls and 5 men's stalls!

All Temporary Facilities are being provided by our incredible sponsor, Standstone Waste & Water Services Ltd! See the Blog Poster for more details and all their information, HERE!
Throughout the weekend, you can expect to see their trucks on site:

  • Setting up toilets!
  • Daily servicing of the toilets!
  • Filling up water stations!
  • Filling up & pumping out the shower trailer!
  • Filling up water for the Foam Cannons & Slip-n-Slide!

Liquor Sales

We are currently in the process of working with AGLC to receive our Special Event License for private liquor sales.
More information to come!

Cash Only

Thé Extravaganza Music Festival will be a cash only event!
There will be ATMs setup within the Event Grounds for your convenience.


We are incredibly grateful to have Alpha Medics as a sponsor this year! They are volunteering their time and expertise to support in Thé Extravaganza Music Festival 2022.
They will be onsite with trained medics, first aid, and firefighters to aid in safety and support in Harm Reduction all weekend!

Harm Reduction

He believe it is critical to have a safe and supportive space for all our attendees and the community. As such, we have free Harm Reduction services provided in part by Alpha Medics and our exceptional volunteer staff.

Harm Reduction services include, a safe space sanctuary, free contraceptives, information about safe consumption, support details, and free contraceptives.

Feel free to stop by anytime and say "Hi!" to the incredible staff!


Safety of all participants is our number one priority, and we want to ensure you that we meet and exceed AGLC's requirements for Security and Supervision.
We only hire trained and professional security staff that will be roaming the event and camping areas throughout the weekend.

More Details

More Details Coming Soon!