What to Bring

So you're coming to The Extravaganza!?
We can't wait to see you there!
Make sure you have all the necessities!

No Open Fires or Pits

Though there isn't any rule preventing you from bringing your grill.

Camping Spots

Camping spots are 20' x 20' and can be shared by as many people as you can fit. Get cozy!

Chairs and Tables

It's always a good idea to bring some chairs and maybe a table.

Water Clothes

There will be inflatable obstacle courses and a slip-n-slide! Don't forget your bathing suit!

Sunscreen or Tan Oil

I don't know about you, but I'll be laying about, doing absolutely nothing, soak'n up the sun n bump'n to the tunes.


Not to be too corny, but don't forget to bring your beautiful face! This festival wouldn't be the same without you!

Proof of Age (18+ Only)

This is an adult only festival, alcohol will be served. You will need to present ID with your ticket in order to receive your wristband.

Covid 19 Precautions

There may be Covid 19 precautions required, but being an outdoor festival, just remember to wash your hands!

Other Items?

There will be more items added to this list in the future. Stay updated by following our Social Medias and subscribing to the newsletter.

No Weapons

This one should be pretty self explanator. If you're caught with them you will be removed indefinitely.

No Outside Alcohol

Outside Alcohol is prohibited. Due to liability reasons, we can not allow people to bring their own. But drinks will be cheap!

No Renegade Stages

Sorry, we have neighbors and they will not like us if we are playing music until 7 am.

No Pets

No pets are allowed, unfortunately. If you have a service dog, please email us at Contact@theExtravaganza.ca

No Pro Cameras

Please be respectful of the videographer and photographer we have hired. We will share event photos on our Social Medias!

Water Packs

Water packs must enter the festival empty. You will be asked to dump your water packs out.